Moyea FLV Player

Moyea FLV Player 1.0

Moyea FLV Player is currently the best and free player for playing back and controlling single FLV files from your desktop as well as from the Internet.

Moyea FLV Player can be used standalone, without the need of the flash authoring tool, allowing you to show and preview FLV in a more controlled way with ease and to a broader audience than with Quicktime, Windows Media and Real Media, etc.

Standard playback controls are included in FLV Player and the program can be optionally associated with . flv files, so you can just double-click them to play.

Play URLs, Streams and downloaded or local files

You can play Flash video FLV files downloaded from you hard disks or you can import the target URL and play streaming Flash video from online by using Open URL in File.

While playing one Flash video file, the name of that file will be displayed on the title bar of the Player for your convenient tracking.

Display Flash video meta information

The metadata of particular Flash videos are quite important for designers and developers to further process the target Flash video files.

Moyea FLV Player offers you the access to the valid metadata of the FLV file being played, including FLV version, playback duration, audio and video codec, video dimensions, framerate, etc.

Resizable windows plus zoom 0. 5x, 1x, 2x, and full-screen mode

The feature of resizing your window allows you to play back your Flash video with any size you need or prefer.

To be convenient, the program has preset the options of zoom 0. 5x, 2x and the original video size for your shortcut, and it support the full-screen playback.

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Moyea FLV Player


Moyea FLV Player 1.0

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